lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

At my age

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Slimsly time,
I look back, I look backwards at the era of the stars,
Light-years to night.

Too brief, this,
Too dear, loping rhythms of a soaring song in progress,  
Living birthright.

Singing cosmos,
Aurora borealis, bright with dancing gamma rays,
Audible light.

At my age
The center of the galaxy, the swirling, big black hole
Is visible now.

I feel its
gravity, its dreary drag, its sad solemnity, 
its eerie sough.

I’ll talk to you,
Hover, a friendly, synaptic, quantum entanglement,
Be there, somehow.

But, then, for now,
I’ll finish my book, plant my parsley, call where my loves live,
Be here, just now.

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